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Opportunities in the medical device industry


With nearly thirty rounds of drug price cuts and new health care reform, a series of policies such as "two regulations" and "double envelopes", the profits of the pharmaceutical market are becoming increasingly diluted and becoming increasingly difficult to do. This makes the promising market for medical devices a field that vendors are rushing to explore. 850 billion, the support of government funds, 200 billion of the market capacity, 30% annual growth rate, each year no less than 10 cases of mergers and acquisitions are all showing the charming charm of this sunrise industry. From a policy perspective, the current state is promoting industrial upgrading, medical equipment as a high value-added industries are getting more and more policy support, medical equipment industry to dig out the market potential can be described as the time.
Promising national macro policy
According to the "medical technology industry" 12th Five-Year "special plan", will focus on supporting 10 to 15 large medical groups, support 40 to 50 innovative high-tech enterprises, set up 8 to 10 medical science and technology industrial base and 10 national innovation of medical equipment products demonstration base, improve the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure, increase market share, significantly enhance the international competitiveness of the medical device industry. It is estimated that the output value of new medical instruments brought about by scientific and technological progress and demonstration applications will be 200 billion yuan, and the total export value will increase to more than 5% of the total international market.
In the face of the China large medical equipment market by foreign monopoly of this situation, the leaders said the medical equipment industry has become an important driving force to drive the national science and technology progress, leading multi-disciplinary technical progress and development engine driving economic growth. China will vigorously develop domestic medical equipment in the future, reduce medical costs, and strictly implement the government procurement law to ensure that financial funds purchase domestic medical equipment priority.
The country's favorable policy on medical devices came into being
The State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice in June 26, 2013, the Council decided to take the part of the three types of medical device registration certificate change approval duties delegated to the provincial food and drug regulatory authorities, lower capital to enter the medical device industry threshold, to further simplify the process of government.
Recently, the drug administration is also about to introduce two new medical equipment supervision, respectively, will be innovative medical device products registration guidance, and further simplify medical equipment re registration requirements. Insiders said that after the introduction of related measures, will help promote the merger and consolidation of medical equipment industry, more conducive to the development of innovative medical equipment enterprises.

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